Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter my Bingo ticket serial number to calculate my winnings?

No. "My Lucky Numbers" does not store ticket information.

Can I check my tickets for winners?

Yes. Type your numbers into the "My Lucky Numbers" search box and click the SEARCH button. Click OK in the RESULTS box to view the game number and date that your ticket hit.

"My Lucky Numbers" all came up. Did I win?

Not necessarily. Make sure the game number and date match your ticket. The SEARCH function will find any ball draws that match your numbers, including games that your ticket was not played on.

Can I check my comps?

No. "My Lucky Numbers" does not store player data.

How do I know how much I have won?

Match your numbers with the casino payout brochure.

I cannot view my selected game from the FIND GAME box.

Make sure you have exited the cold\hot numbers grid by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

I receive an error: THAT GAME WAS NOT FOUND.

The game you are entering was not drawn on the date shown. Change the date to the correct day. You can also use the RECENT GAMES button to view all of the ball draws with the date and time.

Can I print the numbers and games that my ticket hit on?

Yes. Ball draws for a specified range of games may be printed in natural order (999 games max).
  • 1) Press Recent Games button.
  • 2) Press Print Games button.
  • 3) Enter range of start and ending games.
  • 4) Press Enter.

Can I check complex tickets like way tickets and 190 way eights?

No. You can currently select up to 20 spots